Is It Time To Have Your Car Or Motorbike Serviced in Warrington?

This post was published Tue, 14 Mar, 2017

Car and Motorbike Servicing Warrington

Cars, motorbikes and all motor vehicles must be serviced on a regular basis. This is a fact that, as a motor vehicle owner, you’ll be well aware of. But is it really necessary? And how can you find a garage you can trust to service your car or motorbike?

Warrington Service Centre strongly recommend regular services for your vehicle. And if you’re in the Warrington area, they can provide you with a high-quality full service for your car or motorbike – as well as MOT’s or repairs. Below they answer frequently asked questions about car and motorbike servicing.

How do I know it’s time for a car or motorbike service?

How often you need your car or motorbike servicing depends on its make, model, age and mileage – but as a rule, you should have a service carried out at least once a year. Consult your manual to find out the recommended service frequency for your vehicle.

Can’t I just wait for my MOT?

No. A full service goes much deeper than an MOT, and is much more likely to find potential issues, and therefore will help keep your car or motorbike running smoothly and efficiently for longer. Even if your car or motorbike has just passed an MOT, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit from a full service.

What’s the point of a service?

A service for your car or motorbike will ensure everything is running safely and efficiently. Lubrication, oil, tyres, steering, suspension, lights, spark plugs, fan belts, wipers… all will be checked thoroughly. A service usually includes an oil change too.

What if I’m trying to save money?

Perfectly understandable, especially in these tough times. But forgoing a car or motorbike service is a false economy. By not servicing your car or motorbike regularly, you’re greatly increasing the likelihood of developing serious faults – which would be more expensive to repair. What’s more, when you come to sell your car or motorbike, a full service history could help increase its value significantly.

How do I choose a reputable garage to carry out my car or motorbike service or repairs?

In addition to word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends, it’s also worth finding out which professional memberships and accreditations the garage has. For example, Warrington Service Centre are an approved Unipart Car Care Centre, members of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI), the Institute of the Motor Industry and are Delphi Diesel Specialists. With this in mind, you can rest assured your car or motorbike will be professionally serviced to the highest standards.

Whether your car or motorbike is due for a service or MOT, or you need emergency repair work, Warrington Service Centre can help. To find out more, visit or call today on 01925 232255.

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