Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Awareness and Safety

This post was published Wed, 05 Apr, 2017

Currently on the market there are over 30 differing types of electric vehicles available in the UK. Hybrid vehicles lead the way with 4.5 million units sold worldwide; all other electrical vehicle variants sold 109531 worldwide up to March 2012. Here are some examples:

– Ford
– Toyota
– Honda
– Lexus
– Volvo
– Vauxhall

Electric vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, with different applications to power the vehicle’s propulsion, using either pure electric motors, a combination of In Car Engine Systems (ICE) or a combination of both. To understand the different types and terminology used in the industry, below are the abbreviations generally used to identify the vehicle models.

Abbreviation: Hybrid
Description: Hybrid, Normal Hybrid, Parallel Hybrid, Standard Hybrid
Explanation: A hybrid vehicle is powered either by a battery or ICE or both. The power source is selected automatically by the vehicle ECU, depending on speed, engine load and battery charge level.

Abbreviation: EV
Description: Electric Vehicle
Explanation: Any vehicle powered, in part or in full, by battery that can be directly plugged into the mains. i.e. any vehicle that can be plugged in to charge the system.

Abbreviation: Pure -EV
Description: Pure Electric Vehicle
Explanation: A vehicle powered solely by a battery charged from the mains electricity. Pure – EV Vehicles have a typical range of approximately 100 miles.

Abbreviation: PHEV
Description: Plug–In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Explanation: A vehicle with a plug-in battery and an ICE. Typical PHEV will have a battery range of approximately 10 miles. After the battery range is utilised the vehicle reverts to the ICE.

Abbreviation: E-REV
Description: Extended- Range Electric Vehicle
Explanation: A vehicle powered by a battery with an ICE powered generator on board. E-REV`s are like Pure-EVs but with a shorter battery range of about 40 miles. Range is extended by an on board generator providing many additional miles of mobility. Propulsion technology is electric.

Abbreviation: Electric quadri-cycles
Description: An Electric 4 wheeled light electric vehicle that is categorised and tested in a similar way to a 3 wheeled motorcycle or moped, as a result of classification these do not have the same speed and range capabilities as Electric Vehicles and are not subject to the same high safety criteria as cars and vans.
Explanation: Specialised vehicle Suppliers and manufacturers

Source: RMI

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