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Go Green with Hydrogen

With new affordable technologies such as hydrogen enhanced combustion you can save money and be kinder to the planet.

Although vehicles powered 100% by hydrogen are still a way off, here at Warrington Service Centre we can enhance the performance of your engine and cut your emissions with a simple hydrogen installation.

Benefits include:
• Reduced wear and tear on the engine
• Enhanced fuel economy
• Cleaner engine combustion

What’s more, our installation prices start at just £359 and your return on investment is approximately 9 months based on a 2 litre engine!

Book in for a no obligation quote by calling 01925 232255 or email us now.

Pre-Purchase Inspection for Peace of Mind

At Warrington Service Centre we want to ensure all our customers drive safely in well-maintained cars. Young drivers are more likely to opt for second hand cars and depending on their budget can be at risk of buying a badly maintained car.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection costs just £39.99 and provides you with complete peace of mind when buying a second-hand car. We’ll make sure everything is in good working order, including brakes and tyres.

Contact us now on 01925 232255 and book your Pre-Purchase Inspection for just £39.99.

Resolve Warning Lights with Diagnostic Checks

If your dashboard is displaying warning lights we can help with state-of-the art computer diagnostics. Our technically trained engineers are able to diagnose issues quickly before a small issue develops into something more serious.

A diagnostic check costs just £56 and provides you with the answers to any fault codes as well as guidance on any repair required. What’s more, we’ll credit the cost of the diagnostic check against any work done.

If you have a worrying warning light contact us immediately on 01925 232255 and book in today.